Double Beds

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Get rid of a painful sleeping experience: Bring home an exclusive range of double beds

If you have been wondering how to refurbish the look of your bedroom, and include both traditional and contemporary setting as part of your bedroom design, then it is high time that you buy solid wooden beds with light yet intricate architectural details to suit your bedroom pattern. Solid Sheesham wood headboards and footboards, with space for bedside light attachments are one of the warmest ways in which you can revamp your old bedroom. Whether you choose a teak wood double bed that is King size or Queen Size, or a plain wooden double bed, you can always customize it with the finest instances of craftsmanship, something that is the hallmark of a furniture store online like Naveen Arts.

Create a well-lighted, comfortable yet modern bedroom design with double beds online

You can impart a distinct style to your bedroom decor by including a new double bed wooden set that allows space for storage also. Hardwood and Sheesham wood are varieties of solid wood that are used in manufacturing high quality curated double beds for customers. Mahogany, rosewood, Sheesham wood in burnished black or brown finishes, in simple or intricate Rajasthanni textures and layered colour varieties can add more elegance to your bedroom. To get the double beds for your room in a hassle-free manner, you can now buy double bed online to enjoy a fine integration of various wooden varieties.

Find the right combination of designs and materials to suit your bedroom decor

Whether you live in a small flat or in a plush bungalow, you can customize the double bed options to suit your requirements. If you choose from a vast range of selection of double bed online India, you will find that beautiful finishes and Sheesham wood platforms along with boxed sizes provide a delicate combination of style and simplicity to your bedroom choice. At Naveen Arts you find double bed with storage, along with wooden chairs, chest of drawers, wall mirrors, bar cabinets, benches, sofa sets and solid wooden side tables that offer a fine blend of both the traditional and contemporary.

Buy double bed online and revamp your bedroom

You can now buy double bed online from reliable furniture stores. Whether you want a slim or a curved frame, you can avail these from Naveen Arts. You can customize your options as per your requirement and budget. When you buy wooden furniture you find that they offer a distinct craftsmanship to your overall home decor.